basic blackjack

It is not a secret that Blackjack is considered one of the most popular games ever to be played in a casino, both online and offline. You do not need a lot of expertise to become a expert in the game. Just the knowledge of a few strategies and some important tips and you are all set to go. So, if you are having a deep insight of Blackjack's rules along with Blackjack strategies & tips, in all probabilities you will have a huge chance of turning out to be a winner in the game.

Basic Blackjack rules:

As discussed above, playing a game of Blackjack is not a tough deal at all. It is quite easy for learning. Like Poker it is played using a normal deck having fifty two cards. However, there are many casinos that put in use more no. of decks. As a player you will be supposed to beat your dealer's hand value by getting a total value more than your dealer's but at the same time it should not cross twenty one, then you would come out to be a winner. The role of number 21 makes the game popularly known worldwide as 21.

Rule No. 1:

You must know the values of cards so that you could know before hand about playing a game of Blackjack. As obvious, the number cards correspond to the values of their numbers and face cards get values of ten each. Ace, being different from others here could attain values of either one or eleven as per the situation for winning the game.

Rule No. 2:

You must know the fundamental rules as well for learning Blackjack game which is to get the hand values that is higher than your dealer's but at the same time it ought not be exceeding twenty one. In case your hand's value totals or crosses 21, you straightaway lose your game, or in other words you go bust. And if your dealer is having the exact hand value like yours it is called a tie.

Rule No. 3:

The winning bets get paid at one to one. So if you are betting ten dollars you will ten dollars. The Ace & face cards get paid at three to two odds, so if you are betting ten dollars you would win fifteen dollars.