Odds of different casino games

Casino games' odds represent a potential outcome's probability. Usually, they are expressed in a fractional format.

Casino games' house edges

The "house edge" is an essential casino advantage of each game.

house edges

Casino Game's Odds: Blackjack

If casino game's odds are the most important thing for you when you are playing at the casino, Blackjack is the first game you should play because, in fact, "twenty one" is the only game playing which a player can reduce the house edge or even gain an advantage over the casino by counting cards. But it is not obligatory to use counting; the point is that it is possible to reduce the house edge to 0.8% with usage of Basic Blackjack Strategy.

Casino Game's Odds: Roulette

The house edge of the Roulette game depends on the type of the wheel. There are two of them: American "double zero" wheel, and European with a "single zero" slot. As it mentioned before, the house edge for American Roulette is 5.6%m while its European counterpart has only 2.7% or even less if one plays at the En Prison rule wheel. That is the reason of many land based casinos not to offer European Roulette wheel to their players. But it possible to play this game at an online casinos https://onlinecasinos77georgia.com/.

Casino Game's Odds: Keno

This game has the worst odds in comparison with other casino games. Players used to compare this game with the lottery. The average house edge in this game is 25-35%. For example, if you bet $1. 25 cents are the casino's profit.

Casino Game's Odds: Baccarat

Baccarat is considered to be the game for high rollers. The house edge for the "banker" betting is 1.17% and the player position betting has 1.63% of the house edge.