Casino Cheating Methods

cheating methods

Since first casino games were introduced players started to invent some new and unfair methods of winning. Our article is about the most well-known cheating methods for both land and casinos online.

Casino Cheating

  1. Casino Cheating: Land-based casinos
    • Marking

      Marks on the cards should be done on cards' obverse sides. Most common and the easiest method of marking is a card bending. The first marking cards methods invented by cheaters included crimps, bends or blisters. Also, hustlers used different inks, scratches or even removing or adding lines on the cards design.

    • Past Posting

      The main principle of this cheating method is betting after all other players' bets are already taken by the dealer. This method is considered to be the cheating one because information about outcome of the game becomes available before the bet is made.

    • Second Dealing

      This method is used by casino dealers and it is possible only if a dealer knows the value of the card from the top of the deck. Knowing this very value the cheat can deal a bad card to his opponent or a god card to himself.

    • Computer Devices

      There was one group of cheaters in the pas which invented microcomputers for predicting the outcome of the Roulette game. They hid these computers in their shoes and when one taped his shoe on the ground, the computer sent the signal which calculated the Roulette wheel's velocity.

  2. Casino Cheating: Online casinos
    • Some online casino players used to register more than one account on some definite site and then play games in all this accounts at once using multiple tabs, increasing the winning odds and maximizing profits in such a way.
    • One more online casino cheating method is communicating and consulting with other players. This method is for several players which can use some messenger programs or simply cell phones to communicate with other when playing and manipulate the game in such a way. Than the team splits the profits.